Fan-favorite “Star Wars” comics character Doctor Aphra wins vote to become Hasbro action figure

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Doctor Aphra

Credit: Marvel Comics/Lucasfilm

May the fifth be with you! In celebration of yesterday’s globally-celebrated Star Wars Day, popular toy manufacturer Hasbro announced the winner of its annual Star Wars Fan Figure vote: Doctor Aphra!

Variant cover of Marvel’s “Darth Vader” issue #25

Haven’t heard of her? Then you must not be keeping up with Marvel‘s excellent recent run of Star Wars comic books, in which Doctor Aphra was introduced as a female Indiana Jones-type archaeologist who scours the galaxy for ancient relics. She served as Darth Vader’s aide-for-hire for a little while and even received her own limited Marvel title chronicling her adventures with evil droids Triple-Zero and Beetee-One.

As a result of the vote, Doctor Aphra will be joining Hasbro’s 3.75-inch Vintage Collection of action figures next year.


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