Canada’s Zombie Survival Camp will prepare you for the end of days

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Many feel that end times are upon us.  Either nuclear winter or zombie apocalypse may loom on the not too distant horizon.  Be prepared: engage in Ontario, Canada’s weekend Zombie Survival Camp.


Serious training for serious threats, this intense training camp will have any participant ready for the impending chaos threatening to end civility as we know it.  With a weekend of training, Zombie Survival Camp will have participants ready to face the threat of zombie attack or just any form of dystopian disaster.

Beginning on Friday with basic instructions lie the do’s and don’ts of zombie survival and a social bonfire for campers to get to know one another, the weekend is off to a simple start.


Saturday’s schedule steps up the pace with an entire day of training.  Topics include bladed and blunt weapons combat; military field tactics; bushcraft (learn the means to survive in the wild); archery and Zomjitsu (“hand-to-rotting-hand” combat).




Sunday’s Zombie Outbreak gives everyone the chance to practice what they’ve learned.

“Our infamous Zombie Outbreak will put your new skills to the test in one of the most intense experiences of your life. With dozens of zombies invading the camp, you will be issued team objectives that will galvanize your ability to work as a team and outlive the undead. Fighting day and night, you will emerge from this weekend as a zombie-killing warrior…if you can survive.”


Weekend camp dates occur once a month from May through October.  All dates are “Adult Camp” dates except August’s “Family Camp.”  Locations vary by month, and include Orillia, Cardiff and Desboro, Ontario.

Camp costs $350 per person, with discounts available for families, “early preppers,” and groups of five or more – check out the Zombie Survival Camp website for details and to register.

Also of note, Zombie Survival Camp is ever on the lookout for Zombies to help with their weekend warrior experiences. All ages are welcome (underage undead are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian). The camp offers a buffet-style lunch for those zombies who aren’t able to consume enough brains.  Interested animated corpses can find more info by contacting the camp. (Click here)


Source and Images: Zombie Survival Camp Website

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