DYSTOPIA extreme haunt to broadcast intense horror experience on Facebook Live – with you as the star

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Are you a thrill seeker looking for the ultimate horror experience? Look no further than Dread the Night: DYSTOPIA Redux.

New York’s year-round immersive theater NYZ Apocalypse hosts a variety of horror events throughout the year, most of which are tame enough for the average guest to handle. But in partnership with Fringe Immersive and McKamey Manor they will soon be hosting the return of one seriously intense experience – and they are working on making the stage even bigger.

They’re looking for five volunteers to take on their new one-night-only extreme special event, to be broadcast for the world to see via Facebook Live.

In this not-for-everyone event, participants will be immersed in a violent dystopian future setting where game shows and competitions determine who survives. Groups of five will be pitted against each other and only one guest will be the last to forfeit and be crowned the winner.

NYZ Apocalypse posted on Facebook the opportunity for five guests to become the stars of this horrific experience as it is shared on Facebook Live. So if you want your fear broadcasted for everyone in the world to see, visit their Facebook page, share their post and tag the friends that you would like to have tortured by your side.

Seeking 5 people willing to be recorded during this Hell ride of an experience. You will win 5 free tickets for you and…

Posted by NYZ Apocalypse, Deer Park NY on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It’s worth noting that the timid need not apply. This is an extremely extreme event, so you can expect to be violated in every legal way possible – you know, for fun.

The special event will be taking place June 16 from 7pm to 10pm, for those who want to tune in and see it all unfold online.

  1. Garaan

    As someone who’s been involved with the haunted attraction industry for more than 20 years now… I have to say I can’t support these things. It’s not just that they’re ‘not for me’… I mean, centrifugal rides aren’t for me, but if someone wants to be vigorously shaken until they vomit, that’s their choice, I wouldn’t say a word to them (except maybe ‘please face the other direction first’).

    These ‘super extreme horror experiences’… largely McKamey but there’s others… go far enough beyond the parameters of even the best haunted attractions that I think it’s just a miracle that so far no one’s died or been maimed yet. Oh, sure, they make them sign a waiver but the first time someone gets carted to the ER, that piece of paper is going to be worth exactly ‘bup’ and ‘kis’, and the repercussions are very likely to lash back against ALL haunted attractions, even ones that aren’t so far off the edge you can’t see it with binoculars. After all, waivers may halt a civil case (maybe, after all someone could argue they were misled purposefully), but if someone dies, I don’t think the cops are going to take ‘but see, he signed a paper saying I could do it!’ as a valid alibi.

    No, no one has been hospitalized yet (that I’m aware of). But I daresay it’s only a matter of time, and as there’s more and more of these, and ‘extreme’ gets the bar moved farther out, someone’s going to be careless or have an accident, or even just ‘get a little carried away’, and someone else that was just looking for a cheap thrill is going to end up on a stretcher. And then the lashback will take HHN and Knott’s, and Dark Harbor, and whatever other haunt of your choice with them.

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