Driverless Shuttles could be coming to Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World could be in the works of acquiring a new driverless shuttles to move guests between theme parks and parking lots.

The LA Times has reported (based on information acquired from unnamed sources) that Walt Disney World later this year, will be shooting into the future as they test out driverless shuttles that would move employees around the resort. The shuttles would be without any human operator of any kind, making their way around the resort by themselves.

If the resort were to be successful in this test of moving around employees, then Walt Disney World plans by 2018 to start having the autonomous shuttles move guests around as well. These driverless shuttles could possibly take the place of the trams and bussing system that guests currently rely on to move around the resort.

Image Copyright Navya

In the past, there had been rumors of Walt Disney World creating a system similar to Uber, but with this new report of Driverless shuttles, it is now unclear which direction the theme park will be headed.

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