Attraction Profiles: Screen Test Home Video Adventure featuring “Star Trek” at Universal Orlando

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In its second year of operation, Universal Studios Florida added several new experiences to its attractions lineup.   StreetBusters (a street show where the Ghostbusters try to capture Beetlejuice), The Blues Brothers Show, How to Make a Mega Movie Deal, the extremely successful (and much missed) Back to the Future: The Ride and a rather unique opportunity called The Screen Test Home Video Adventure.

Within this attraction was the option to “star” in a special episode of “Star Trek” called “The Star Trek Adventure.”


Combining chroma-key effects, newly filmed clips of ‘Trek stars and recycled clips from the first and second “Star Trek” motion pictures, guests were able to “beam aboard” the “Enterprise.”  The ten minute adventure was staged in two parts.  After an introduction by Gene Rodenberry, the new “stars” have their screen test alongside Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

Following the screen test, guests are tasked with a post academy trial run on the enterprise (as Captain and Vulcan).  The training cruise is interrupted by a band of Klingons (who, for some reason, are flying the USS Reliant).  A bit of crafty maneuvering and a last minute reprieve from Starfleet Headquarters saves the day. Aside from Nimoy (Spock) and Shatner (Kirk) all of the original cast members/characters appear in the short adventure.

The Screen Test Home Video Adventure was sponsored by JVC.  Via the use of blue screen special effects, this short lived attraction inserted guests into one of two video adventures.


“The Star Trek Adventure” was definitely my favorite. The entire adventure was delightfully cheesy and offered Trek fans an opportunity be in command of the “USS Enterprise” AND match wits with Klingons.  Those brave enough, could purchase their screen time with the legendary cast for a mere $29.99.

(Personal note: I’m quite certain that there is a VHS copy of myself as the captain floating around somewhere waiting to fully embarrass me.)

A second option of “The Screen Test Home Video Adventure” featured the parks attractions.  Guests would be inserted in various adventures around Universal Studios in the “Your Day at Universal Studios” option.


Though the New York street based attraction only lasted five years (closing in 1996), it was a fun diversion and excellent opportunity to get out of the Florida heat and humidity.  A year after “The Screen Test home Video Adventure” was closed; “The Islands of Adventure Preview Center” took its place.

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