13 Disneyland Hacks to Help You Save Money and Experience More

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Disneyland is a super complex place that can be made much simpler with a few easy tips and hacks to improve your vacation.

Making Disneyland travel easier for everyone is something that I strongly believe in, which is why I started MickeyVisit.com, a guide to helping you save money and experience more in Disneyland. That’s also why I’m excited to share some hacks in the video and article below.


1. When you are staying in one of the on property hotels, call in advance and let the Cast Member know if you are celebrating anything special. They may give you a room upgrade or make you the “E Ticket” family which gets special access to a dessert party and fireworks viewing.


2. The best picture in front of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle can be taken on the right side off center. Here you can best capture the moat, flowers, and castle in a beautiful picture.



3. Request to ride in the front cabin of the Disneyland Monorail. This is the only section that is air conditioned and you can talk to the Cast Member captain who is actually driving the train.


4. You can save about $2 off your corn dog by buying it a la carte. If you make this off the menu order, you will not receive the chips or apples.



5. Be sure to dress in layers when visiting Disneyland because the weather is cold in the morning, warm in the middle of the day, and then cold again at night.


6. You can save big money on multi-day Disneyland tickets. The lowest prices on the web and info on all discount Disneyland tickets can be found in our guide.



7. There is a private restroom outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room. This is one of only two attractions in Disneyland that has its own restroom (the other is Indiana Jones).


8. There is a secret target on Zurg’s chest inside Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Hitting this secret spot will earn you 50,000 points for the attraction. See other tips to beat your friends here.

Some targets are worth more when you're lit.

9. If you are looking for any Disney character in particular, be sure to ask in City Hall. They will be able to let you know exactly where that character will be during the day.


10. Put your phone on airplane mode when you are waiting in line for attractions where you don’t have service. Your phone will lose tons of battery when it is searching for a connection.



11. Don’t miss the daily Disneyland flag retreat. This is a special moment honoring America and our veterans that you will not want to miss. The flag retreat happens daily in Town Square around sunset.


12. The park will be much less crowded in the morning because Disneyland is by nature a locals park. The theme park gets more crowded as locals get off of work and out of school.




13. Be sure to enter Cars Land from the Pacific Wharf area at least once. You won’t want to miss this incredible rockwork perfected by the Disney Imagineers.


Comment your questions on Disneyland travel below or on the Inside the Magic Facebook page post and I will reply to as many as I can.

Gavin Doyle is the founder of MickeyVisit.com: Save Money and Experience More in Disneyland and author of best-selling book, Disneyland Secrets: A Grand Tour of Disneyland’s Hidden Details.

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