Themed Eats: Undercover adventure awaits at SAFEHOUSE Chicago

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Our operatives have discovered a secret themed dining location in the heart of Chicago, Illinois.

SAFEHOUSE offers two distinct diversions for secretive dining adventures; both feature entertainment and spyfood.


A throwback to the spy films and television series of the late fifties and sixties, Safehouse is an ultra-spy themed dining experience located in Chicago (another Safehouse, the original, can be found in Milwaukee).  The “secret” location is littered with authentic spy gear and pop culture references. Each visit is a new experience as new artifacts are uncovered within.



David J Baldwin (aka agent Oh, Oh, Seven) founded the first SAFEHOUSE in Milwaukee (1966).

“The SafeHouse has become a local landmark and cultural icon, attracting hungry spies from around the world. Control is excited to expand operations to a covert location in Chicago where he can continue to challenge spies with an all-encompassing experience as they embark on a one-of-a-kind mission.

From the minute you locate the top-secret entrance and pass the clearance test, to the sleek Gadget Bar, every aspect of the design has been tinkered, tailored and soldiered. Interactive elements, “futuristic” technology, and games combined with an unparalleled menu fit for a true spy, The SafeHouse Chicago continues to provide an authentic espionage experience for agents of all ages.” – SAFEHOUSE website

Spy Man BW 458x312

Though “control” may very well be watching, this themed establishment offers two undercover operation styles.   Daylight missions focus on family fun and clandestine corporate meetings. Operation Nightlife offers after sundown entertainment, events and activities.



With items like the Cuban Missile Crisis, SR-71 Black Bird, MOAB (mother of all burgers), fugitive fish fry, and even Albert Broccoli’s broccoli, the meals and snacks are sure to satisfy any spy (full menu here).  Kid Spies have their own special menu featuring spyghetti, Golden Gun Grilled Cheese, Undercover Mac + Cheese; Jr. Spy Burger and Goldfingers. Drinks include Espionage, Live & Let Rye, Sterling Archer and more (full list here). Even the desserts are in line with offerings like London is Falling, Bourne’s Blackout Cake, and the Italian Job.


While those who know the password are offered immediate entrance, uniformed visitors must pass a complete “clearance test” to prove they are friendly.  What IS the password? (According to the website) “Classified information like that won’t come so easily. To learn such high priority intel you’ll need to find a trustworthy source.”

SAFEHOUSE is open Sunday through Wednesday, and Fridays from 11am to 2am, Thursday 8pm to 2am and Satuday from 11am to 3am.  Their location coordinates are shown below (seriously, visitors are directed to plug those numbers into google maps to reveal the exact location).


This message will self-destruct in sixty seconds.

Source & Images: SAFEHOUSE website

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