“Prison Architect” creator’s new game “Scanner Sombre” sends you on unique exploration with a rainbow flashlight

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Scanner Sombre is a new exploration game by Introversion software, the creators of the BAFTA award-winning Prison Architect.

Scanner Sombre takes place in series of caves and tunnels. Players are given a color emitting flashlight, a “Lidar Scanner” which is used to find your path within the tunnels.

The lidar scanner is used to light up your surroundings with “millions of individual light-points” which then creates a visual of the players environment, Introversion said in a news release.


What’s interesting about this game is that it is all about exploration and discovery. There is no end boss to fight or points to gather to complete this game. It’s all about the adventure.

Within the game a player will come across industrial mine-shafts and ancient ruins all with the help of using your only tool, the “Lidar Scanner”. The only ultimate goal of the game is simply to escape the caves and return to the surface.



Scanner Sombre is now available on PC and Mac OS X.

Source: KOTAKU, Polygon

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