PHOTOS: New photos of Pandora present spectacular nighttime sights for Walt Disney World

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Pandora at Night

Credit: Disney

In some new photos released today by Bloomberg, we get a fuller and closer look at what Pandora – The World of Avatar will look like in the evening. The short of it is that it is breathtaking.


Here we can see the Imagineers have created a land that can provide two entirely different experiences, depending on whether you choose to visit when the sun is up or whether you choose to visit when it sets.


Joe Rohde, one of the primary Imagineers brought into the project of creating Pandora, didn’t think it could initially be done. With the actual world in “Avatar” being generated¬†entirely by computer imagery, he failed to see this as a realistic venture.



But as Disney has often done, they have found a way to do the impossible, and Pandora is only a few weeks away from opening – floating mountains and all. It’s stunning and could possibly be considered one of Disney’s greatest works of artistry at Walt Disney World to date.

Pandora – The World of Avatar opens to the general public on May 27.

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