Haunted Scarehouse escape rooms get the pulse racing in New Jersey

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There’s nothing quite like fear as a motivator.  East of Newark, NJ, Haunted Scarehouse Escape Games ratchets up the pressure – challenging brave visitors with two floors of fear.

The location for this eerie experience is steeped in local “history”. Immersed in a dark mystery, the site was once home to the Hayden family.  Within their decrepit farmhouse, this reclusive family is believed to have conducted experiments on dozens of victims.  After a hurricane destroyed the structure, the terrible, gory truth to the site was revealed.  Once home to the Hayden family and their barbaric butchery, the site is now known as the Haunted Scarehouse.

Harboring horror with three different petrifying puzzles to solve, this New Jersey attraction takes fright to a new level.  Recognized for the deliciously dark details within their haunted puzzle rooms, Haunted Scarehouse is sure find favor with spook fans as well as the escape room enthusiast looking for a heart pounding experience.

JH Room

Each macabre mystery is tied to the haunted history of the house:

John Hayden’s Room – the team must gather their courage and enter the very room where heinous experiments were once conducted.  Ultimately, determining who’s next to be murdered must be discovered before the one hour clock runs out.


The Great Room – Filled with secret passages and a plethora of puzzles, this enormous room has multiple sections.  It’s enough to drive anyone mad.


The Cookhouse – the very room where the Hayden’s victims were chopped up, filled with more puzzles and secret passages.  Figure out who became final fatality before time runs out.


For those daring and brave enough to enter, The Haunted Scarehouse is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 10:00 pm.  Tickets start at $29, there is a dinner combo with a local restaurant also available.  They are located at 105 West Dewey Ave in Wharton NJ.  Visit their website for additional details.


Source & Images: Haunted Scarehouse Website, Facebook and Twitter pages

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