Pair of “Harry Potter” festivals will bring more magic to mesmerize Muggles this year

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A pair of “Harry Potter”-themed festivals arrive later this year. The first festival, in Florida, takes place on May 13th. Next, a four day delight lands in New York just in time for Halloween.

St. Augustine, Florida is where history meets magic on May 13th.

Potter logoFrom May 5th to May 14th the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, hosts the Romanza Festivale. The ten day tribute to creativity includes theater and dance entertainment as well concerts. On May 13th, from noon to 8pm the real magic takes place.

On that spectacular Saturday Francis Field transmogrifies into the Harry Potter event. A sorting hat will be on hand to sort would-be wizards into their respective houses, Diagon Alley will be represented, complete with samples of Butter Beer. Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) headlines the day’s event; he’ll be signing autographs all day.

Chris Rankin

Admission is $5. Additional details can be found on the event’s website.

Wizarding Weekend returns to Ithaca NY October 26th through 29th

Returning for its third year, Wizarding Weekend bewitches Ithaca, New York. Four fun days of spell-binding activities make this a must floo-to event. The magic happens the weekend before Halloween.

A host of magical vendors will be on hand with wizarding ware and sweets. Entertainment experiences include the Sorting Hat, Wall of Portraits, Acceptance letter station, Azakaban Performance area with dark wizards wandering, the rock duo “Draco and the Malfoys,” a ‘flying’ Ford Anglia (similar to the one once owned by the Weasleys), a Goblet of Fire and much more. (A full list of events can be found here.)


Several days of adventure are divided up among the days of this wizarding weekend. Thursday includes potion crawls about town, magical artifact scavenger hunts, and a Half-Blood Prince Blood Drive. On Friday the potion crawls and scavenger hunts are joined by Magical classes and trick-or-treating. Saturday and Sunday’s sensations include cargo bike quidditch games, street performers, a cosplay fashion show, and the ongoing potion crawls, scavenger hunts and magical classes.


Four featured events require additional admission:

City of Magic Ball (Friday night)– a family friendly ball from 6:30-8:30pm or a 10pm-Midnight event is offered. Fancy or Magical (or combo) is required. A raffle for “spectacular prizes” will be held (each attendant receives one ticket – additional are available for purchase with proceeds going to the 501C event fund). Treats and magical portraits are part of the experience.

Advanced Potions for Adults is a Saturday evening feast for the senses which includes beer, wine and spirits; live music; ongoing potions demonstrations; a selfie booth and a costume contest.

Magical Mystery Tour (Sunday) – 90 minute driving tour including snacks and keepsakes. The tour is presented by a local tour company and is billed to be fully interactive.

Halloween Breakfast (Sunday) will be served at the Hotel Ithaca. This themed magical meal includes scrambled dragon eggs, pixie juice, and special photo ops.


Does your hometown celebrate a magical Harry Potter event? Send us an owl, or better yet set scribe to the comments below.

Source & Images: Wizarding Weekend website and Facebook page, Romanza Festivale website

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