You’ll need the luck of the Irish to survive these St. Patrick’s Day haunted houses

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Sure, there have been horror films dedicated to the holiday celebrating Saint Patrick and his snake charming gig, but a haunted house!?  ITM has uncovered the pot of gold for fright fans with four fiendish fear houses open for fright fun on March 18th.

Fun House2

First up in our fear fest: The Funhouse (Bluff City, TN)
Horror and History – Celtic history (and mythical creatures), enough to wilt a four leaf clover.  In this 80’s terror tribute, the little green men (leprechauns) have escaped from the freak show and are about to wreak havoc.  Their evil plot: summon hell in the form of a Wailing Banshee and Dearg-Due (Red Blood Sucker).  Funhouse is open from 7pm to 11pm on Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18. Visit their FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for additional information.


Midnight Terror

Next stop on this rancid rainbow is Midnight Terror Haunted House (Oak Lawn, IL)
The Leprechauns are fed up with the rude and self-serving youth of today and seek revenge! Combining elements from the escape room craze, Midnight Terror has cleverly crafted a creepy interactive haunt where attendees must solve puzzles in order to trap the vindictive varmints.  Midnight Terror Haunted House will be open from 7pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday, March 17th and 18th.  For direction and additional details click HERE to visit their webpage.




Infamous for being the world’s longest haunted maze, Factory of Terror (Canton, OH) is remaining tight lipped on their terror treasure.  This warning from their website is the only warning, “This March, Only the luck of the Irish can save you.” ITM followed the rainbow to their Facebook Page and found this video promo (from last year’s event):



Finally, fear fans, we find our pot of ghoulish gold at Dark Hour Haunted House (Plano TX)
Dark Hour has a host of horror happening for St Patrick’s Day SLAY weekend.  It looks like Carl Cleaver is having issues with his murder bots and needs people to come with flashlights for assistance to help in Carl’s Playhouse.  The main event merges the enchanted world with our as Dark Hour is frightfully filled with menacing creatures (including Leprechauns and Evil Fairies).

Dark Hour is offering a VIP experience for the eerie evening, even giving guest the opportunity to haunt at special VIP Scare Stations along with a VIP lounge, Q&A session, and more (click HERE for details).  Lights ON; a behind the scenes 3 hour tour will be available for the insanely curious fiends who want to see how it’s all done (advance reservations required – click HERE).  Dark Hour will be open Friday and Saturday March 17 & 18 from 8pm to 11pm.  Visit their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE for the fine print.

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