New Zero Gravity VR experience with Tom Cruise makes “The Mummy” personal and terrifying

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While we all await for the reboot of The Mummy franchise, Universal and IMAX have partnered to bring us a new VR experience to help tide us over. The new experience uses virtual reality to create a sense of zero gravity and place viewers in one of the scenes of The Mummy film, starring Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis.

The scene depicted in the film finds Cruise and Wallis being lifted from their seats and slammed against walls as their plane falls from the sky after a tragic accident. The zero gravity attraction will allow participants to experience the adrenaline-pumping situation of escaping certain death alongside the two primary characters.


The attraction will be at the 2017 South by Southwest festival along with the Voyager full-motion chair from Positron. Twenty of these units will feature from March 10-14 at the festival, and sign-up for them happens right here. Walk-ons are welcome, but it is likely there will be an extensive wait for those that do not register for their use ahead of time.

The Mummy Zero Gravity VR Experience

IMAX seems to be positioning itself alongside VR experiences such as this one, funding them and even developing equipment to create new content like this on their own. This is apparent with the opening of the first IMAX VR arcade in Los Angeles, and we see clearly that they believe this type of experience will increasingly become a large part of the entertainment industry.

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