Themed Eats: “Star Wars”-inspired sci-fi themed café in Paris is strong with the Force

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If Darth Vader travelled to Paris, France today, he would find the Odyssey to be “most impressive” as the interior of this science fiction themed creperie, the Imperial Lounge, is a mock of an Imperial Starship.



The menu at Odyssey is a sumptuous salute to science fiction.

Crepes like the Gallifrey (diced bacon, emmental cheese, walnuts, Roquefort cheese and salad); Vulcan (Swiss Reblochon cheese, dried bacon, browned potatoes, emmental, caramelized onions);  Caprica (ham, emmental cheese, egg, salad), and Dagobah (Emmental cheese, mushrooms, tomato, caramelized onions and salad) are but a few of the savory sci-fi themed selections (all are made on a “home-made” salted buckwheat crepe).  Dessert Crepes include more star studded themes: Naboo (Melted Chocolate); Druidia (salted butter caramel); Mandalore (flambéed with Grand Marnier) and the Black Star (fresh strawberries with hot chocolate).  Themed ice cream cups and classic crepes round out the menu (which also includes hot and cold beverages as well as beer, wine, champagne and cider).

See the full menu on their Facebook page HERE.

Vulcan Crepe
Vulcan Crepe
Spiderman Nutella Crepe
Spiderman Nutella Crepe
Star Wars Pancakes
Star Wars Pancakes

“Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, between bookstores and comic stores, Odyssey, the pancake galactic colors welcome you in a truly original setting. Odyssey offers a visual journey as well, that sound with its inimitable taste Breton specialties, savory pancakes or sweet crepes, very tasty! Dive into the world of the Star Wars saga, our homemade pancakes and crafted from fresh produce will seduce you for a quality / price very attractive. Followers visits Foodistes, curious or unstoppable fans of the Star Wars series, Odyssey awaits you in this unique atmosphere in which even choose his pancake is done on a menu written in imperial language. Enter the restaurant space, May the Force be with you.”- Odyssey Facebook Page


The Odyssey Creperie is located at 6 rue Dante in Paris, France.  They are open (local time) Tuesday through Thursday from noon until 3:30pm and 6:00pm to 11:00pm; Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight (closed on Sunday and Monday).  Visit their Facebook page or website for additional information.


SOURCES/IMAGES: Odyssey Facebook Page and website

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