At-Home Imagineering: Disney meets Harry Potter in prop maker’s magical living room

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Our friend Jay from Side Show Nightmares (the folks who designed the haunted maze at Cassadaga this past October) was gracious enough welcome us into his home for a dose of fantasy and magic.

(Don’t hesitate to open up their website now, linked above, and enjoy an eerie element of some creepy cool music while you read this article.)

Jay, and his wife Jocelyn are talented artists who delve a bit into the darker arts as well as the festive fun that comes from Disney inspired pieces.

His Potter/Disney themed living room (or as he calls it, Stage 2; stage one is his studio and stage two the decorated dining room) features hand crafted props and artwork created with the intent to invoke smiles and dreams.


“We like to be surrounded in that kind of atmosphere, We believe fantasy, magic and dreams is what makes the world interesting, What would the people of the world be without dreams? Without fantasy with a touch of magic? Those things are what makes people smile . . .”


One of the more unique items in their collection is the Harry Potter inspired wands.  The fire wand, for example, announces its intent with scent of fire – A special touch they added to the prop, which they also sell. The wands and the Disney inspired drawings are among Jay’s favorites.


When they are not endowing home with their creations, the couple pours their art, craftsmanship and make-up skills into their Sideshow Nightmares Company.

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Do you have a Disney, Potter or similarly themed room in your home that you’d like to see featured on the ITM website?  Drop me a line at!

Images: Jan & Jay from Sideshow Nightmares

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