Fan-made LEGO tape allows brick builders to mount creations just about anywhere

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Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones. Lego is among the most popular toy manufacturers in the world, and any new product that assists fans both young and old in accentuating or modifying their collections is bound to be an instant hit– especially one as innovative as Nimuno Loops.

The unofficial “Lego-Compatible Flexible Adhesive Tape” from Team Nimuno has a sticky back that will apply to flat surfaces and allow Lego builders to stack bricks outward from a wall instead of just upward from the floor.


The Nimuno Loops project has already well-surpassed the goal on its IndieGogo campaign, and it’s no surprise: Lego fans are always looking for new ways to mount and display their vast collections. I can only imagine how helpful this tape would be in constructing a wall of Lego Star Wars ships or even just Lego minifigures.


The campaign still has a month left to go, but you can get your hands on rolls of the Nimuno Loops tape by simply pledging an agreeably affordable amount at IndieGogo. The more you pledge, the more you get! It’s as simple as that. Happy stacking!

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