New “Alice in Wonderland” inspired escape room is a puzzling journey down the rabbit hole

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Just north of Palm Beach and Mara Lago in the town of Palm Beach Gardens, an adventure beyond your wildest imagination awaits.  There is only one hour to escape from Wonderland, a new escape experience from The Escape.

“Would you dare go to Wonderland this way if you saw the white rabbit? Wonderland is an inspiration to one of our rooms. We can’t wait to show you!”

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The Escape South Florida offers three unique one hour adventures in total:


Through the Looking Glass, the newest puzzle has players joining Alice in the whimsical world of Wonderland.  Navigation a challenge, as all is not what it seems, making it more difficult to help Alice escape before it’s too late.

“Through the Looking Glass room will excite your senses and expand your imagination like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! We can’t wait for you to come try to escape Wonderland!”


Nightmare in the Gardens starts off with you, as the victim of a serial killer, tied up and left in an empty basement.  It is up to you to outsmart the killer and escape before he comes back for you!


Little has been revealed about The Raven except that it is coming soon to The Escape South Florida.

Ideal for team building or a unique date night, The Escape South Florida recommends arriving at least fifteen to twenty minutes early for each booked experience. Reservations are required and are handled online. For those groups desiring to have the room for their own, all six places must be filled by that group.  Adventures last sixty minutes.  Rooms are suitable for ages 10 and up; minors must be accompanied by an adult.

The Escape South Florida is located at 10800 N Military Trail Suite 211 in Palm Beach Gardens FL. Admission is $28 per person.

Additional details can be found on their web site, Facebook page or by calling 561-318-8973

Sources: The Escape South Florida web site & Facebook page

Images: Palm Beach Post, The Escape South Florida Instagram Page

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