Creepily cute “American Werewolf in London” inspired puppet pups now up for ‘adoption’

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One of the best horror films of 1980s, “An American Werewolf in London,” might still be in the reboot process (by John Landis’ son, Max). However there’s no need to wait for fans to get their wolf fix.  A life-sized, realistic wolf pup is now available for fans to fawn over.

Hand sculpted by artist Tom Spina, this hyper-realistic, fur covered statue brings to life the iconic beast in puppy form.  This menacing masterpiece was inspired by legendary make-up artist Rick Baker’s award winning wolf puppet creations for the 1981 dark comedy, “An American Werewolf in London.”


Intense yellow eyes, long white fangs and claws, and covered in movie quality faux fur, the pup is poised for attack – equally as dangerous as the full-grown wolf seen in the film.



“The silicone wolf head sculpture is hyper-real, with hand punched hair, custom translucent resin teeth and custom eyes with amazing depth. The head fur comes from our good friends at National Fiber Technology, the top industry source for movie fx hair.

The body of the life size werewolf prop is a hand carved EPS foam piece, with silicone paws and resin claws to match the teeth. A lot of time was spent on this statue, to be sure we were paying a proper homage to the classic Rick Baker werewolf from the 1981 movie.”  -Tom Spina Designs website

There’s no need to venture out onto the Moors and risk full moon mayhem, this pup is ready for your custom order.  Visit the artist’s web site for details by clicking here. Leash and mauled best friend optional.

Want more werewolf wonders to watch?  Check out these videos from ITM’s coverage of the American Werewolf in London haunt at Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood AND Orlando):

Source and Images: Tom Spina Designs website

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