VIDEO: Maximum Warp! New “Star Trek” Coaster beaming down to Movie Park Germany

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The Borg have taken over the “Enterprise”, her crew is missing, presumed captured.  Their rescue depends on the fresh batch of cadets who will need to punch through the shields defending the Borg Cube and disable the vessel.  “Operation Enterprise,” a new TRIPLE launch roller coaster beams down to Movie Park this spring.


Set in “Next Generation” timeline, this thrilling adventure will part of the all-new “Federation Plaza.”  Visitors will have the opportunity to attend Starfleet Academy and become cadets (just in time to mount the rescue mission aboard “Operation Enterprise”).    The new twisted halfpipe coaster rockets to a fascinating forty meters (131 feet) making it the only one of its kind in Europe.

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Federation Plaza and Operation Enterprise will begin training cadets this spring.  The newly constructed area will be at the entrance of Movie Park Germany.  The former Warner Brothers/Six Flags theme park features several film based attractions, including “Time Riders” (a former Batman ride now hosted by John Cleese); Van Helsing’s Factory (a bobsled roller coaster); Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer (a family coaster); The Walking Dead: Breakout (an all year maze with sets based on the show).  Movie Park also hosts a Halloween Horror Fest featuring live actors, mazes and scare zones.

Movie Park Germany is located in Bottrop, North Rhine-Wetphalia, Germany. The Park features 43 rides (including six roller coasters and six water rides).

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