Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day celebration leaves players seeing pink

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Pokemon GO wants you to share your love of the game with a special Valentine’s Day promotion.  Running Feb 7 through Feb 15, players will have enhanced opportunities to “catch ‘em all.”
Pink Pokemon proliferation: Clefable, Jigglypuff, Chansey, and more will materialize more frequently all the while adorned in a pink pigment to celebrate the lover’s holiday.  Half an hour is not long enough to celebrate, so the game will expand its Lure Modules to 12 times that amount (a full six hours!).



Valentine’s is all about sharing the love – not only will players themselves be able to acquire twice the normal amount of candy, but when teaming up with a Buddy Pokemon, the process will go twice as fast.

Will you be spending your Valentine’s in Niatic Labs’ Pokemon GO augmented reality world?  Could this be a viable, fun alternative for those who can’t catch a date (or don’t want to) for the day of hearts?

SOURCE: Pokemon GO website

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