PHOTO: First Look at “the Last Jedi” Stormtroopers in New “Star Wars: Episode VIII” Set Photo

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Yesterday, Rian Johnson–director of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” confirmed on Twitter that there will be a panel for “The Last Jedi” at Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration event in April.

Accompanying the announcement was a photo from the set that gave us a look at the film’s updated look for its Stormtroopers.

The changes are slight from when we last saw the “First Order” troopers: thinner lines across the nose bridge and more triangular eye windows. Other than that, no differences are easily detectable. Check out the comparison below (top old, bottom new).

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Star Wars Stormtroopers

The Last Jedi

Meanwhile, rumors persist in naming “Beauty and the Beast” as an “x marking the spot” where the first teaser trailer for “The Last Jedi” will likely hit. With “Beauty and the Beast’s” release date of March 17 just around the corner, we’ll know soon enough whether that rumor pans out.


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