Mars & more: Kennedy Space Center rockets towards expansion

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Out with old and in with the new; Florida’s Space Coast tourist destination is gearing up for a fresh futuristic feel.  A result of the overwhelming success of the space shuttle Atlantis exhibit and recently opened Heroes and Legends attraction, Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Visitors Complex is about to embark on a five year mission of modernization. This overhaul focuses on “quality story telling” and ousting outdated displays in exchange for interactive high tech interactive exhibits and opportunities, according to Chief Operating officer Therrin Protze.



Visitors to the KSC attraction will soon see an all-out Mars make-over. This includes expanding Astronaut Training Experience (from almost doubling the attraction’s capacity from 94 to 176) and making Mars the simulated journey’s destination.


Another element in the Center’s march towards a Martian makeover will be the arrival of the Mars Rover concept vehicle later this year (the Martian rover is scheduled to make appearances on the History Channel’s “Car Tunerz”).


A brand new attraction could offer the opportunity for astronaut minded fans to experience a brief bout of weightlessness AND triple the force of Earth’s gravity.  This “Mars Deep Space” attraction is slated for potential touchdown in 2021.

Launch Complex 39 will become a learning center (including the possibility of a Mars simulation) and location to view future launches from the center.


The space center is also planning on expanding the “Lunch with an Astronaut” seating from 252 to 380; adding interactive photo services (Picsolve) for guests create a record of their adventures; adding additional exhibits of space vehicles like the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule; and adding additional dining upgrades. COO Protze also promises additional surprises for the Astronaut Hall of Fame building.


Look for big promotion drive from the Visitors Center this summer.


Sources: Florida Today; KSC Visitors Complex Website & Facebook Page

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