Make your iPhone “The Lego Batman Movie” Bat Computer

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Fans of the delightfully amusing “The Lego Batman Movie” have a new “tool” to add to their crime fighting arsenal.  In a brilliant bat-tie-in as Apple’s Siri signed on for the voice of the Bat Computer in the movie (she’s even credited with the role of ‘puter on IMDB).

Now she’s ready to assist potential caped crusaders with her new lines.  There’s a catch, though.  You’ll have to practice your dark, brooding bat voice (ala Will Arnett style).  Simply prompt Siri (either raise your iPhone –if set up for that, or hold the home button until Siri’s “What Can I Help You With” prompt appears) and cast the magic spell – two simple words – of “Hey, Puter.”  Siri, or rather the Bat Computer, will randomly reply with one of seven movie-related comments.

Try for yourself!  Or, take a peek (and listen) to the voice of the Lego Batman Bat Computer below:

Puter reply 1

Puter reply 2

Puter reply 3

Puter reply 4

Puter reply 5

Puter reply 6

Puter reply 7

Source Siri/Apple iPhone, iO9

in Movies, Movies & TV, Technology

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