Life Imitates Art – REAL transforming car/robot now available

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If your childhood dreams included owing a vehicle that’s more than meets the eye, they may have just been realized by a team of 12 engineers in Turkey.  A full sized, fire engine red, real BMW has been modified to morph into a giant robot!  The “ANTIMON”, leader/prototype of the transforming vehicle was crafted in just 8 months by the research and development company Letrons.

Currently the transforming BMW is not able to be “driven” on the street due to its only being remotely controlled. However Letrons says they are working towards a street ready version of their robot car.  The vehicles are for sale and other car models are targeted for modification.  The robot does not walk (Letrons advises that’s on the drawing board provided “a reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project.”




Interested in a life-sized “Transformers” inspired toy?

Contact Letrons:
Call: +90-312-287-05-74
or Write: Macun Mahallesi Batı Bulvarı ATB
Business Center 1/39





Source/Images: Letrons’ website, Facebook pages.

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