Ferrari on fast track for second theme park, set for April opening in Spain

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Famous for its fast sports cars, Ferrari is set to open its second theme park.

On April 7, 2017, PortAventura Spain (near Barcelona) will be home to Ferrari Land (a smaller version of the original, Dubai Ferrari World, theme park).  Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, this third gate for PortAventura will be at home among the 5 themed hotels (including one dedicated to the Italian sports car) and 3 golf courses of the huge tourist destination.  Built at a cost of, Ferrari Land will have a foot print of 75,000 square meters (807,293 square feet) and bring additional excitement to the four million guests who visit the area annually.

With the iconic yellow Ferrari logo on and fire engine red race car shaped central building, the park will feature past and present achievements of the Italian sports car brand. Even the website for the new park is supercharged; welcoming guests with the pulse-pounding sounds of a powerful engine revving up and roaring through an abstract of the new adventure (turn up your speakers and click here)


In addition to three different shows daily; a wealth of exciting new attractions awaits guests:

Ferrari Land Gallery – will take guests on an interactive history of the company
Ferrari F1 Virtual experience and Ferrari GT Virtual experience – the heard of this new theme park will both be the feature of the central Ferrari dome.
Vertical Accelerator –rocket to speeds of 180 kpm (111 mph) in 5 seconds as you speed toward a height of 112 meters (367 feet)!
F1 Simulator – strap into the cockpit of the infamous Formula One race car and race through the virtual track at breakneck speed.
Free Fall Tower – Representing the pistons of a giant engine, climb aboard for a 55 foot free fall.
Rebot Tower – Similar to the Free Fall Tower – but this one both plummets and soars at full speed, duplication the action of the piston it represents.
Circuit – a 570 meter (1870 feet) race track circuit
Whip – a midway attraction-style ride featuring lots of curves
Games Zone – a series of slides and labyrinth for children
Pit Stop Simulator – “Meet the funniest pits and compete alongside your team at Ferrari Land’s fastest technical stop. Adjust the tires of an F1 car in the shortest time possible, and win the competition as a true racing mechanic!”

pit stop


Ferrari land will also feature shops and dining as part of a “walk through the streets of Italy.”  Included in this scenic stroll are replicas of the Cathedral of San Marco’s Bell Tower (Venice), The home of Enzo Ferrari, La Scala Theater (Milan) and the mighty Roman Coliseum. Trattoria, the featured dining experience is inspired by the same restaurant frequented by “F1 Pilots” in Maranello, Italy.  An ice cream shop, fast food kiosk and snack station will also be on hand.  Shops will include the Ferrari Land store – with exclusive branded products, and another featuring a race themed photo opportunity.


SOURCES/IMAGES: Ferrari Land Website; Ferrari Land Facebook Page

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