Dad gives daughter a dazzling “Beauty and the Beast” photo shoot for Valentine’s Day

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Josh Rossi is a incredibly skilled photographer. He also happens to be the father to an expressive 3-year-old, Nellee, who he enjoys treating to photo shoots for special occasions. Rossi has previously dressed Nellee up as fantastical characters like Wonder Woman and Little Red Riding hood, but for Valentine’s Day, he wanted to gift his daughter with prints of her as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Beauty and the Beast Shoot

Rossi said:

Anything Disney is so magical and amazing. I loved the “Beauty and the Beast” movie when I was a kid because of the love they both shared.

A month and a European vacation for background photos were required for Rossi to give this present to his daughter. Additionally, costume designer Elle Dynae was called upon to create dresses for the little one to don.

Beauty and the Beast Shoot

The entire process was documented and posted in a YouTube video that Rossi posted this week.


Nellie received her gift enthusiastically on Valentine’s Day. Rossi reported:

She loved the print I gave her so much! She kept jumping up and down and kept smiling. She also couldn’t stop looking at the full series of images. Right after I gave her the print this morning, she started singing the songs from the movie.

Beauty and the Beast Shoot

And why wouldn’t she? The images are stunning to say the least and will always serve as a reminder of the love she and her father share.

See more of Josh’s work on his Instagram.

Source: Huffington Post


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