“Beauty and the Beast” ballroom hides Disney easter egg

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It isn’t the focus of the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast,” and yet the grand ballroom plays a significant part in pushing along the story of Beast’s enchanted castle. A few photos from the set give us a look at the progression of the room as it transforms from colorful and bustling to icy and forgotten.

In the start of the film, an untarnished prince (pre-cursed Beast) hosts a ball with many potential brides in attendance. Director Bill Condon describes the scene as “an international debutante ball.”

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom

The room is a breathtaking space with ornate fixtures throughout. The floor, in particular, displays a gorgeous pattern across its tiles. The design mimics the elaborate motif of a ceiling in a Bavarian Benedictine monastery called Braunau. However, one small detail was added to the floor’s beautiful print that did not originate from the monastery. Production designer Sarah Greenwood revealed, “In the middle of it, there’s a monogram. It’s a ‘WD’–as in ‘Walt Disney.'”

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom

After the castle falls under the curse, the great room is abandoned. It takes on an icy appearance to reflect the feeling of coldness and isolation. Latex pieces with a frosted glaze were laid across the floor and hardened resins shaped into icicles were placed throughout the room to create this look.

Beauty and the Beast Ballroom

Director Bill Condon commented on the incredible transformation of the room once Belle enters Beast’s life. “When the magical aspects of the house decide they want to help make this love affair work, the ballroom comes to life,” say Condon, “It’s almost like the house is starting to melt. There is a real Gaudí-esque aspect to it.”

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