UPDATED: “X-Men” live-action TV series pilot from Bryan Singer heading for production at FOX

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In addition to executive producing, Bryan Singer has been tapped to direct the pilot episode for this series.


We’re still knee-deep in the live-action superhero renaissance, with several top-tier movies coming out each year from both Marvel and DC, and a number of successful TV shows set in both universes currently on the air.

Now FOX has ordered a pilot for a still-untilted “X-Men” television series that will tie in with director/producer Bryan Singer’s long-established X-Men movie continuity. The concept was actually unveiled last summer when FOX committed to a “push pilot” deal, which basically meant the studio would see stiff financial penalties if it didn’t follow through on making the pilot. But now details are emerging for the first time about what the plot of said pilot will be.

Image Copyright Marvel
Image Copyright Marvel

Apparently the series is intended to focus on a family who discovers their children are mutants and are then forced to go underground as they flee from an unwelcoming American government. They then discover and team up with a clandestine network of mutants who band together to survive as a group.

The new series, which does not have an announced target air date, will be executive produced by Bryan Singer and overseen by a selection of talented writers with a long collective history in the comics and TV worlds. It’s also important to note that it’s not to be confused with “Legion”, another X-Men spinoff, which is set to premiere in February on FX.


  1. EricJ

    Normally, the only reason we got “Legion” and the old 90’s “Mutant X” series (remember that one?) is because Fox had a contractual agreement not to allow any X-Men TV series while the movies were in theaters…Guess what’s probably not going to be in theaters, now.

    (See, I didn’t even ASK what the flippin’ heck this has to do with Disney/Universal.)

    1. Pretty sure Deadpool 2 is getting made. Technically an X-Men movie, and it’s owned by Fox. Just saying. Maybe you mean X-Men branded movies only? I’ve never heard about this, do you have a source on that? I’d be very interested to see more

  2. paul

    To bad FOX and Marvel can’t come to an agreement .. it would be great to have SHIELD involved and have crossovers ….

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