VIDEO: Enjoy this interesting video essay on the art of editing animation

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Do you know the difference between how film editing works in live-action movies versus animated features? If not, you’re in luck: the probably-intentionally-pretentiously-named Royal Ocean Film Society‘s Andrew Saladino has put together a rather enlightening video essay on the fundamentals of the art.

A lot of this might be old news to anyone who has watched their share of behind-the-scenes featurettes or has even a basic grasp of how animation works, but it’s a well-put together piece nonetheless, and it will hopefully go a long way to help fans appreciate the hard work that goes into editing animation.


The Royal Ocean Film Society has been posting similar videos exploring a wide variety of cinematic topics on their YouTube page for almost a full year.


  1. EricJ

    “Disney in the 1980″‘s–Yes, have to admit, I didn’t know they DID have Basil and Ratigan characters at the 1986 parks…

    (And only someone pretentiously named -would- try to bring “Fantastic Mr. Fox” into a real animation discussion.)

  2. Animations have been popular and loved by everyone from day one. people hold different views and taste about the styles like some people still prefer 2D animation over 3D but at the end of the day, they all like animations Thanks to Disney, Pixar, and others for making people’s lives more entertaining.

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