VIDEO: Broadway stars featured in Disney Villains “Royals” music video

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Some of the biggest Broadway stars are featured in a new Disney Villains-themed “Royals” music video. The edgy music video was created by “Paramour” cast member Bret Shuford, who has his own Disney connection starring in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway.

In the video you will see famous Disney couples being taken to a ball that later becomes overtaken by the Disney Villains. The whole thing is set to a soundtrack featuring Lorde single “Royals” and the remix of “Once Upon a Dream” (from Disney’s “DConstructed” album).

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Here are some Broadway names you will see featured in the video: Kay Trinidad Karns (The Little Mermaid) as Drizella, Caitlin Houlahan (Waitress) as Anastasia, Julie Foldesi (Newsies) as Lady Tremaine, Kate Fahrner (South Pacific) as Evil Queen, Zakiya Young (The Little Mermaid) as Ursula, Andrew Chappelle (Hamilton) as Jafar, Orfeh (Legally Blonde) as Maleficent, Sarah Meahl (Paramour) as Cinderella, Stephen Hanna (Billy Elliot, Hello Dolly!) as Prince Charming, Marina Lazzaretto (Wicked) as Belle, Kenneth Michael Murray (Paramour) as Prince “The Beast” Adam, Sheridan Mouawad (Paramour) as Snow White, Bruce Weber (Paramour) as Prince Florian, Sara Brophy (Amazing Grace) as Ariel, Justin Keats (Paramour) as Prince Eric, Amber Merrick (Paramour) as Jasmine, Phil Colgan as Aladdin, Jessica Walker (Paramour) as Aurora, and Nicholas Cunningham (The Phantom of the Opera) as Prince Phillip.

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