Making Tracks for Minnesota’s “Drive a Tank” Experience

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Rush hour traffic got you down?  Looking for a more ‘hands on’ adventure in your vacation? Yearning for a one of a kind adventure?  If your answer was, “yes” to any of these questions, mark your map for Minnesota’s “Drive a Tank” experience.  Not only are there several tanks to pilot around the mile long, densely wooded track, Drive a Tank also offers guests the rare opportunity to fire a variety of historic machine guns.

Offering the opportunity for civilians to drive classic armored vehicles, like the Russian T-55 medium tank, the Chieftain MK10 Main Battle Tank and the infamous Sherman E8 Medium Tank and a heavy host of assorted armored transport and support vehicles, Drive a Tank is a once in a lifetime adventure.




machine gunIn addition to driving these heavy metal machines of mayhem, Drive A Tank features an indoor shooting range where weapons like the Browning M1919 Machine Gun, M4 Assault Rifle, Sten Submachine Gun and Barret 50 cal. Anti-materiel rifle can be fired.



Experience real armored tanks up close and personal, get behind the controls and learn how to drive, you can even crush a car….or two! We have a number of vehicles including tanks imported from the British Army like the Abbot, Armored Personnel Carriers and much more!

After driving a few of the tanks around, sample a couple of our full auto machine guns in our new, indoor shooting range, capable of handling up to .50 caliber ammunition. –Drive a Tank Facebook Page

car crush2

Passengers can be as young as 11 years old and must meet the minimum height requirement of 4’6” and drivers must be at least 5’ tall and 14 years of age (participants under age 18 must be joined by a parent or guardian who must also purchase either a passenger or driver voucher).  Tanks are only able to be driven (the barrel of these machines have all been de-milled and can no longer fire rounds).


Packages range from $449 to $3,699 and include add on options like driving over cars or even through houses.  Full details can be found on the Drive A Tank Website or Facebook Page.


Source/Images: Drive A Tank Website and Facebook Page 
Video: The Daily (via YouTube)

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