Betty White wants to return as Rose for “The Golden Girls” Reboot

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Though there have been rumors and even online news stories about it, Netflix is NOT set to begin filming later this year (so far as we know today). The rumors stem from an interview with the legendary actress earlier this year. Celebrating her 95th birthday, Ms. White was asked if she’d resume the role of Rose Nylund. She didn’t hesitate to in her reply. White also informed that she was originally slated to play Blanche in the series, but opted for Rose due to the character’s innocence.


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The original series enjoyed top 10 ranking the first six seasons of its 180 episode run on NBC, and is one of only three sit-coms where all of the principal actors have received an Emmy Award. Produced by Touchtone Television (Disney) the series went into syndication in 1989.


A Disney Legends plaque, on display at Walt Disney Studios, salutes the series:

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At 95, Betty White is hoping to stay true to her goal to keep working up until the day she dies. SO, if you’re listening Netflix, Hulu, Amazon… we’d all love to see Ms. White be able to enjoy her iconic role once again.



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