Get ready for ‘Rogue One’ with “Star Wars Headspace” – interglactic grooves with a familiar “force”

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Ever on the quest for new and exciting tunes (I’d make a terrible Jedi), I recently stumbled upon this Star Wars inspired collection. Released in February 2016 and worthy of a revisit with Rogue One: A Star Wars story just days away.

Headspace is a galactic groove fest of trippy dance and chill tunes infused with Star Wars sound effects, movie quotes and variations on familiar franchise themes. These 15 unique tracks, which Jabba most likely had on hand for when the band took a break, are available on CD or as an MP3 download (or stream free if you’re an Amazon Music subscriber). Bounty Hunters’ thumping bass mixed with the sounds of x-wing/TIE fighter dog fights gets the blood pumping, while, in contrast, the Sunset over Maan with undertones of a retreating rebellion offers more of a chillaxing experience. Help Me! on the other hand, is a seemingly endless repetition of Lea’s plea mixed with dub step undertones of the Imperial March – great for a workout or annoying the neighbors.

Whether chilling before/after Jedi training or getting pumped up for blasting womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon, these intergalactic grooves offer the perfect playlist.

Check out the Star Wars Headspace webpage for more music videos, then be sure to get your copy on Amazon, by clicking here.

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