Disney’s Holidays Around the World: Norway

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The next stop on our world tour of seasonal sensations is Norway.  There celebrations take place and gifts are exchanged on December 24th, Christmas Eve, or Julaften.  Christmas parties, known as a Julebord might include feasting on the traditional dish of ribbe – pork belly, seasoned and served with sauerkraut and currant sauce and/or mutton ribs (also known as Pinekjott).  This is washed down with a dark, spicy beer called juleol (or, for those going alcohol free, the sweet soda called julebrus). For desert: a crispy gingerbread (pepperkake).


The Norwegians have their own version of Santa Claus, too.  The story of julenisse is portrayed in this video from Epcot’s Holidays around the world (as captured by ITM’s very own JeniLynn):

Stay tuned to ITM for more Christmas culture diversity as we continue our trip around the World Showcase.


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