Disney’s Holidays Around the World: Mexico

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As with Canada, Mexico features music and dancing this year (instead of the three Kings storytellers of years past).  The three wise men would tell the tale of Three Kings Day, the day the wise men visited the baby Jesus.  This holiday is celebrated by children leaving a shoe by their door in hopes of presents from the kings.

Holidays around the World: Mexico – 3 Kings (circa 2009)

Mass of the Rooster (so named for the crowing rooster attributed with announcing the birth of Christ) occurs after La Posada, late at night.  Then, at midnight, presents are exchanged and the feasting begins with bacalao (a tomato sauce with dried cod, onions and olives), and either a roasted pig, turkey or ham.


Another December holiday celebrated in Mexico is Los Santos Inocentes –paying tribute to the children murdered as King Herod sought to eliminate the Christ child.  This day of Innocents has turned into more an April Fool’s day with “innocent” victims being pranked.  Fake news and web posts have become popular as part of the “celebration” of this December 28th holiday.


Between traditional Mexican mariachi music and dances, the musicians share details on the music and festively fun fables, like the celebration of las posadas and how the Poinsettia (Pastorelas) became the flower of the season as seen in this video shot by ITM’s JenniLynn at Epcot’s Holidays around the World:

ITM has more to share from Epcot’s Holidays around the World, so stay tuned!

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