Christmas Cult Classic “Gremlins” gets the Tiki-mug treatment!

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Tiki mugs/glasses are in demand.  Star Wars and Disney’s Haunted Mansion tiki mug variants were instant collectibles as soon as they were released.


Now a theater in Austin Texas, the Alamo Drafthouse, has taken tiki to the next level with a series of Gremlins Mondo Tee-Kis.  These special issue, limited edition mugs were crafted to coincide with special screenings of the Christmas cult classic Gremlins (showing now and next weekend at the cinema).

Yes, it’s safe to get these Gremlins wet. Toast the season / chase away dark holiday memories with your favorite beverage in one of Mondo’s limited edition GREMLINS Tiki Mugs, designed by artist Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Ramirez Studios. And, when you pick up your mug at the theater, you can also pick up a fruity, delicious tiki drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, up to you), which comes included with your mug!* (*One drink per mug, thems the rules) Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


You say you can’t make it to Texas for these fine Christmas collectibles? Not to worry, not even malicious mini-monsters like Stripe would deny a true fan the opportunity to grab a glass or two.  Just surf over to the Mondo Tee-Kis website and order away (except for the brown variant, that’s only available AT the drafthouse). According to their site there is “a Green mug, which is our general release version; and the Candy Cane and Microwave Melt versions, which are very limited and only available on our site.”  These tiki tokens will set you back anywhere from $25 to $45 dollars depending on what style(s) you choose.




If you are a fan of pop-culture AND tiki mugs, keep an eye on the Mondo site, it looks like an Alien and an Iron Giant mug are in the works!

Source & images: Mondo Tee-Kis website & Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Website

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