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Holiday shopping can be tough at times, especially for the person who “has everything.” Fortunately Chester Cheetah understands this and has pieced together the ultimate (and/or cheesiest) gift guide for those dealing with this dilemma.  Though many of the items are sold out, it would appear that there is still the opportunity to surprise that special someone.

First the “bad” news – the following items are already gone.  We have to wonder if perhaps a certain executive office snatched up all of these “professional” picks:

For that supreme leader, an executive look: Colour De Cheetos Bronzer
The color of cheese, the glow of the sun. We bring together the finest skin stuff that elegantly smears across your face to give you a vibrant Cheetos® glow. Some may call it face paint, but I prefer to call it bronzer. Colour de Cheetos® Bronzer is sure to color you the perfect shade of Cheetos® orange while everyone else stands by, green with envy.


Continuing with the corner (or oval?) office, Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs Prepare to impress with a pair of my paws. These sterling silver clasps are the peak of functional and ornamental fanciness. Created using a clay mold of my paw and then shrunk to scale, my opulent adornments are just what your bespoke suit needs to really shine. No night on the town on the hunt for Cheetos® is complete without these glistening paws on your wrists. Here is the premier gift for those who dress to the nines and wish to take it to eleven.

And rounding out the executive collection is Cheeteau Perfume – sure to shatter that glass ceiling.
This ravishing scent is crafted from hand-extracted cheese oils taken from only the rarest Cheetos® and carefully mixed by hitting the blender’s ON button. With Cheeteau, you’re sure to lure anyone (hungry) around you, for no one can resist the smell of Cheetos®. 


Fret not, while the above office offerings may be out of stock, the following gift items appear to be available (at the time this story was written).


Toilet Paw-Per – since Orange is in now, why not?
Proudly celebrate your love for Cheetos® and show off the orange hues and paw print-laden paper of Cheetos® Toilet Paw-per. This toilet paper is so much more than a bathroom accessory. Toilet Paw-per can elegantly accentuate any outfit, whether as a pocket square, neck scarf or even a trendy wrist-tie. And for the more adventurous types, use it to decorate the trees of your closest friends. Purchase Here


Chester Cheetah’s High Top Slippers will keep those Cheeto shaped toes warm this winter
For the first time ever, the stylish and remarkably comfortable footwear I have worn for years is available to the public in a luxuriously cushioned, soft, house-slipper form. They are so light, they barely make a sound. These slippers are perfect for sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to grab a Cheetos® bag without alerting anyone.  Purchase Here


This Dangerously Silky Scarf would be great if ever attacked by the Ravenous Bugbladder Beast of Trall, or if that special someone needs a bit of cheesiness in their wardrobe.
If you’re looking to add a little color to your outfit, that color should be orange. Slip this silk scarf around your neck and feel the stylishness wash over you. This savory accessory is designed for flexible use of wear and possibly hiding Cheetos® crumbs through the power of camouflage. Give the gift that strikes a balance between chic style and snack-food aficionado. Purchase Here


Finally, stay toasty warm (like a baked cheeto in the oven)  with this Purrfect Onsie
’Tis the season for your loved ones to look extra fly in extravagant spots. In fact, nothing says haute stuff like stuffing yourself into the 100% microfleece Purrfect Onesie. a number of fashionistas, mostly me, are even calling it the one (and only) comfy, semi-chic look on the runway, the couch and possibly the whole world.  Purchase Here

These are just a few stocking stuffing suggestions that might help give your hectic holiday mayhem more merriment. The three listed above are all that’s still out there for the fiends and friends who are still on your naughty/nice list.

Images and Source: Designs by Chester Cheetah website.

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