Calvin, Hobbes and the “Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons” – the best thing to happen to snow since skiing

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One of my favorite books to peruse this time of year is a classic by Bill Watterson: Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons.  I’ve always loved the hilarious balance of childhood innocence and adult critical thinking in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips.

Solstice in the south is, for the most part, sans snow.  Thus perusing through the imagination of a boy and his tiger as they create some of the most amazing snow creatures ever to have been dreamed up is a nice escape from the often 80+ degree heat of the Sunshine State’s winter days.


The seventh of eleven Calvin and Hobbes collections, Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons is still available on Amazon (get your copy here).

There’s also this amazing tribute video that captures the spirit of the season (through Calvin’s eyes, of course):

If ever given the opportunity to craft cold creatures, Calvin’s concepts will serve as the essential template. . .

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