VIDEO: Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic 2016

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The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic returned for its seventh year to the Epcot Resort Area on October 28-29 and we were invited to check out the festivities on its last night.

Food and Wine Classic is a great event to attend as it offers up 50 food and wine stations where you can eat and drink as much as your stomach can handle for a single ticket price. The event also gives you a chance to enjoy live music, food and wine seminars and mingle with some famous chefs from the Swan and Dolphin restaurants.






Workshops that teach you about topics such as wine blending, Italian wines, champagne, beer, tequila, pasta making, sushi and sake and wine and cheese pairing are also available before the event itself kicks off. They do require separate tickets for attendance but are a delight for any ‘foodie’ or wine connoisseur. We had the pleasure to sit in one the Wine Blending Bourdeaux workshop, which gave you a great insight into making your own delicious red wine and at the same time quite the history lesson. A real treat!




Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic will return next year.

in Food, Hotel, Walt Disney World

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