FAV FIVE: The most cherished holiday films and shorts from Disney

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As the turkey-induced food coma recedes, the Christmas season rushes in with full force.  To celebrate this exciting time of the year, it’s time for another ITM Fav Five. This time the best (IMHO) Disney holiday specials and films for the season.

A Nightmare Before Christmas – As a huge Halloween fiend (big surprise), Tim Burton’s beloved tale of Halloween taking over Christmas tops the tree, er, list of these holiday favorites. From the music to the playfully dark stop-motion animated scenes, this Halloween/Christmas movie makes it way to the Blu-ray player right after Thanksgiving.

Prep & Landing – Released as a TV short in 2009, Prep & Landing is as entertaining as it is original.  Following the team of expert elves responsible for ensuring homes are ready for Santa’s Christmas Eve visit, Wayne and Lenny learn to work together during a particular difficult mission.  Prep & Landing games (and a holiday host of additional insightful info on the short) can be found on the Prep & Landing website.

A Christmas Carol – This 2009 3D version of Dickens’ tale of Victorian Christmas from director Robert Zemeckis is one of the darkest yet whimsical adaptations and just might be the best one yet. Combining dark and frightening imagery with brilliant storytelling, this holiday classic tale is an annual “must-watch”.

Tie – Silly Symphonies: The Night Before Christmas & Santa’s Workshop – Despite the few archaic and dismaying “cultural” references in these shorts (sadly both common and accepted in the time these were released), there’s something about the honesty and imagination of these classic 1930 cartoons that are just unmatched with today’s ‘toons.  Two colorful Christmas cartoons from Walt’s Silly Symphony series round out this fav five list as they bring out the childhood wonder and magic of Christmas with sheer delight and festive family fun.

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this list of holiday happiness.  What Disney Christmas classic captures the season for you?  Tell us about your favorite(s) in the comments below.

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