Apple nails the Christmas spirit in this new holiday commercial starring Frankenstein’s Monster

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Tech giant Apple’s 2016 holiday commercial starring Frankenstein’s monster captures the essence of the holiday spirit.

As a shunned outcast, it seems the monster has found sanctuary in an outlying cabin in the mountains. After a brief glimpse of what appears to be a tip of the hat to his Victorian creator (a photo of what appears to be an image of author Mary Shelley), “Frankie” has just recorded a short holiday music box tune on his iPhone and heads into the village. Of course the villagers appear repulsed by the towering creature as he approaches an outdoor Christmas tree. Attaching one red and one green bulb to the bolts on his neck, an apprehensive and very lonely looking monster pushes play on his phone. Timidly managing to utter the first phrase of 1954 Christmas classic “(No Place Like) Home for the Holidays”, the monster pauses, one of the holiday lights have also gone out. . .

What happens next sells this touching message of acceptance and tolerance in last few seconds of this compelling commercial.  Not only is it a perfect turnaround from the original story’s premise that the real monster is man (and not the creation), but a perfect note for the end of this turbulent 2016.

Watch for yourself and let us know what you think:


  1. Rudy

    WOW, made me cry. Love and tolerance, needed to help fix everything wrong in this world!

  2. EricJ

    And then, Frankie picked the second song on his iTunes playlist:
    “If you’re blue, and you don’t know where to go to…”

  3. Marion Patzem

    Apple offers the perfect message for the season of love, joy, and peace–acceptance. Without it there can be no love, no joy, and no peace. But with acceptance, we are able to know love, know peace, and know joy.

  4. This is such a heartwarming commercial. By the way…is that Brad Garrett as Frankenstein’s monster?

    1. Donna

      I’m pretty sure that IS Brad Garrett! Love this ad!

  5. Brenda Marshall

    We as a people need this now more than ever. We need love and tolerance spread from rooftop to rooftop and those who choose to live in their world of hate and judgement of others they need the love more than any one. I look forward to more companies advertising like this.

  6. Donna

    This is an awesome representation of love, patience, tolerance, and acceptance. Great ad, Apple! ?

  7. Warm, fuzzy feeling for this commercial. Someone should give the Frankenstein a Budweiser to keep up the theme.

  8. Linda Ellington Palmer

    I love this… I used it in the Sunday School lesson today for a class of 4th and 5th graders. It was the perfect example of how we show respect and compassion. Thank you for such inspiring marketing! Merry Christmas!

  9. Ann Madsen

    Brad Garret played the monster, as did his TV father, Peter Boyle, in Young Frankenstein. I saw it too, as a tribute to Peter.

  10. Ted Lewis

    Does anyone know if this was filmed on stage or at a real locations? It looks like a European city, with its surrounding walls and entrance port.

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