This Halloween we’re dead serious about creepy cool collectibles – Serial Killer Trivia Game slays the market

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What started out as an art piece is now a real “family” trivia board game about serial killers.  The folks at Culture Heroes LLC are very much aware of contrast in calling this game “a family-style board game” and making that game’s topic serial killer trivia.  In fact they’re almost banking on the controversy.

SKTG1 You may be asking, “Isn’t this a wee bit tasteless?” Seriously? Of course it’s tasteless!! The subject fascinates all kinds of people even though they might not want to admit it. It’s not for everyone and if you don’t enjoy dark humor, simply don’t buy it or play it. This is just a board game. If the game does bother you, please make sure to protest it in public places….it saves on our marketing and advertising budget. –Company Overview on their Facebook Page.


According to the game’s description, the goal is to claim five victims before the other serial killers in town beat you to the guts (and glory)! Answer questions correctly to advance through the neighborhood, break into houses and pick a scenario card to reveal your murderous fate. –Amazon



Each game comes with a playing board, rule book, trivia cards, scenario cards and “real-life serial killer playing pieces”.  The limited run family board game sold for $90 when it was unleashed earlier this year.  The limited run unique “family fun” game is now nowhere to be found.  Those wanting to take a stab at murder will have to hone their hunting skills, this game is gone – not even eBay shows Serial Killer for sale (if Killer Bunnies are more your speed, though. . .)


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