The Walt Disney Film Archives book series reveals a treasure trove of legendary animated history

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An upcoming five-volume deluxe book series promises to unveil never-before-seen images of the incredible artwork, sketches and much more from the deepest corners of The Walt Disney Archives.

Disney fans will be eager to snatch up the first book from the new series that will come out this month, The Walt Disney Film Archives: The Animated Movies, 1921-1968 ($200) from publisher Taschen, which is packed with gorgeous black-and-white sketches, animation cells and concept art from such classic films such as Fantasia, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Snow White.

“There were things that I was familiar with from rumors,” says Daniel Kothenschulte, the book’s editor tells The Hollywood Reporter, “but I had doubts that they actually remained in the collection because I’d never seen pictures or anything. You have to understand, if you’re a scholar of Disney, it’s like going to the Louvre and going through the Leonardo collection. It’s mind-blowing for a fan.”


Glad_013, 3/9/16, 3:13 PM, 16C, 6964x11315 (1088+159), 108%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/60 s, R39.9, G30.5, B43.0


2063_VD_5166, 1/27/11, 1:27 PM, 16C, 8000x10660 (0+0), 100%, Repro_2.2_v2, 1/80 s, R106.1, G78.8, B86.8 © Disney Enterprises Inc Repro_2.2_v2 Xrite_012711_WDARL_BL2 White_012711_WDARL_BL2-blur

2004_SS_5034, 8/6/10, 1:36 PM, 16C, 8170x9896 (0+845), 108%, ARL_Tone_Curve, 1/80 s, R104.5, G76.4, B85.4 © Disney Enterprises Inc ARL_profile_050509 White_080610_WDARL_BL2 Xrite_080610_WDARL_BL2

For more on this incredible project from Disney, be sure to check out The Hollywood Reporter.


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