Fav Five Halloween TV Specials

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The holidays bring festive memories and fiendishly fun times.  In tow with the season, television plays host to seasonal specials.  Spooky Boo time is happily haunted with networks darkly devoting terror time to spooky specials and macabre movies.  Depicted below are five fiendish fall favorite Halloween TV Specials dear to my dark heart.  Enjoy at your own risk.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – Based on the Charles Schultz comic strips of 1959, this Halloween animated treat has been a television staple since it first aired on CBS in 1966.  Chuck and the gang celebrate Halloween while Linus awaits the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

Bugs Bunny Halloween Special – CBS gave Bugs Bunny and his animated friends a ghoulish gala for the Halloween of 1977.  Creepy classic cartoons from Bewitched Bunny (1954) to A Haunting We Will go (1966) were featured (10 shorts in all) in this must see spooktacular show. (see a full list here)

Halloween is Grinch Night – In this 1977 animated special, Halloween is called “Grinch Night” in Whoville.  Poor little Euchariah gets lost in a storm and comes face to face with the Mean One himself.

Mad Monster Party – The soon-to-be-retiring Dr. Frankenstein gathers all the infamous monsters to his castle in Transylvania to find a successor in this Rankin-Bass stop motion animation special.


The Simpson’s Tree House of Horror: This year’s showing of the spooky send-op marks the 600th episode of the Simpsons cartoon show.  The first episode of the Halloween special aired in 1990. The three-segment special continues to be terror-ific tradition today.  2016’s Tree House of Horror airs Sunday October 16th.


Of course there are dozens of devilish delights to consume this Halloween season.  Monster movies, special episodes of favorite TV shows, boo-worth baking competitions are just a fiendish few of the spooky specials worth digging up.



We’d love to know your fall favorites.  Mark your TV Tombstone with an epitaph (aka title of your favorite Halloween show/speical) in the comments below.


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