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I’ve mentioned my love for horror and haunted houses a few times, this passion goes back to my childhood discovery of horror make-up when I discovered that I could be the one doing the haunting, and that thrill has never left. Now that Halloween – the best time of the fear – is here, I’m dying to share the best horror pranks that I’ve come to envy over the past few years (gotta love viral videos).

Foolish Mortals take note – these pranks are done by professionals and should not be attempted without consideration for safety and environment.

Haunted Elevator – this simple scare hails from Brazil and is endearing my cold black heart because it takes place in an elevator (I used to be a bellhop at an infamous towering hotel at the end of Sunset Strip).

Babysitter Scare – from wonderfully devious show Scare Tactics, this paranormal prank brings the BOO to an unsuspecting babysitter. Having dug up an original haunted history ghost tour for Orlando in 2000 and written for GHOST! Magazine, I am filled with ghostly glee each time I watch this.

Devil’s Due: Devil Baby – In a stroke of brilliant marketing genius, the team from the movie Devil’s Due dreamed up this dark delight. The amazing craftsmanship that went into that carriage and to give the creepy kid such lifelike features, brings a tear to my evil eye (and sets the bar for Halloween decorating).

Conjuring 2’s Two Way Mirror Prank – Marketing using marketing surveys for the ruse is rather righteous in this double impact scare. Nothing like the sweet good nightmare kiss of a monster nun to leave a lasting impression of the fright film you just finished.

Coffee Shop Telekinesis – yet another movie marketing masterpiece, this time for the reboot of Carrie. The teamwork of terror to pull this spooky stunt off is inspiring to my mischievous mind.

Of course, I’ve pulled off my own sneaky stunts too… I need to publicly apologize to my brother for the Poltergeist prank I pulled on him so many years ago. We shared a bedroom with a walk-in closet. He’d made sure the light was ON in the closet and the door securely shut. Then he made the mistake of leaving the room (while I pretended to be asleep). SOMEHOW that closet door was open and the light was off when he returned to the room. After the third time, he ran out of the room screaming (and moments later I suffered a slight bit of well-earned discipline).

Have any Halloween hi-jinx that you’ve masterminded?  Or maybe were the victim thereof?  Please share your nightmare with us below.

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