Colonial Williamsburg’s Haunting Vacation: Stay in a historic Haunted Inn

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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, home to the other Busch Gardens theme park, is known for its 18th century charm and living history (even the Busch Gardens theme park carries that revolutionary theme). Adding to this old time charm is the harvest season of Halloween, where things that go bump in the night take on celebrity status and “spooky boo” is the thing to do, and you have the picture perfect paranormal place setting for an eerie evening or two.

Due to its rich 200+ year history, the town itself is ripe for the reaping, er, recounting of cold spots, mysterious visions and strange voices. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for such infamous historic homes to host visitors, as many have been converted to inns. However, with the change of season and the Great Pumpkin’s visit around the corner, these vexed venues reveal their ghostly past and proudly proclaim their haunted histories to guests as part of the stay. Both the reconstructed and actual Colonial homes have their share of ghostly goodies.

Orrel House -image: Colonial Ghosts
Orrel House (image: Colonial Ghosts)

One of the homes featured in the fear fest is the Orrell House (Inn).  Believed to be built in the 1750’s, the two story cube-like building is a haunted haven for ghost hunting enthusiasts. Faucets that turn on with no one around, objects shattered as if thrown across the room by an unseen hand and possibly a prankish poltergeist who likes to “decorate” the upstairs bathroom by coating tossing toilet paper all about. The home is featured on the Williamsburg Ghost tour.

Market Square Tavern (image: Colonial Ghosts)
Market Square Tavern (image: Colonial Ghosts)

Another is the Market Square Tavern, once owned by Thomas Jefferson during his college years.  The Tavern predates the Revolutionary War and is situated next to a church that also served as a Civil War hospital.  Ghostly images of soldiers have been seen on site as well as eerie tapping coming from within the walls.  This spirited tavern is also featured on the same Williamsburg Ghost tour.

The Haunting Vacation Package page on Colonial Williamsburg’s website offers “the chance to stay in a Haunted Colonial House” (along with all access passes to Haunting on DoG Street: Blackbeard’s Revenge).

Learn all about the haunted history of Colonial Williamsburg – take the Williamsburg Ghost Tour, if you dare.


Staying at a haunted Colonial Inn would be the highlight of a haunted Halloween vacation. That vacation would have to include a stop at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for Howl O Scream. The annual event features two new escape room experiences: Case of Mr. Karver and Case of Jack the Ripper; both of which are limited to only five guests at a time. The experience also includes a complimentary bragging rights photo proving your escape. Other haunts include Bitten, Catacombs, Circo Sinistro, Cornered, Deadline, Lumberhack and Unearthed: Scarlett’s Revenge (if that last one sounds familiar, it was also a haunt at Busch Gardens Tampa).


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