A fresh look at the undead by John Cleese in a hilarious recap of The Walking Dead

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Unless you’ve been living under a (fill in the blank here, OR wait as Mr. John Cleese tells it better), you know that the much anticipated season seven premiere of The Walking Dead is THIS Sunday (October 23rd) on AMC. For those new to the scene (or those who stopped watching because they couldn’t get past that image of immaculate, freshly mowed landscaping showing up after the zombie walker apocalypse) the fine folks at Fox and Now TV have found a funny fix. . .

Enter comedy legend and Monty Python veteran John Cleese to talk the walk(ing) dead.  Cleese’s deadpan humor and biting sarcasm are the perfect balance to the gore and despair that is the Walking Dead.

Grab a pen and paper and take notes as Mr. Cleese lays down the rules and recaps the madness ahead of Sunday’s season seven start.

Now, if only AMC would allow Mr. Cleese to narrate EVERY episode; THAT’S entertainment.


  1. Bob

    a shame people are addicted to this sort of senseless crap – world is a crap-hole

    1. s greyfoot

      I love how people bitch about the “crap” on TV and the internet, yet still WATCH that crap, just so they can make a snide comment…on the internet.


  2. Tim Staffell

    I’m with you, Bob… Utter shit… but then, so is nearly everything else on TV… it’s what puts the popuklation to sleep, isn’t it?

  3. M

    Informative recap of seasons past for walking dead amateurs like me.

  4. Garaan

    If Cleese narrated all of these… I might actually watch the show.

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