VIDEO: New ‘Kraken Virtual Reality roller coaster’ coming to SeaWorld Orlando Summer 2017

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SeaWorld will debut its first digitally enhanced ride experience as the legendary Kraken roller coaster is transformed into a virtual reality (VR) coaster experience. This thrill ride will be the only VR coaster experience in Florida and guests will embark on a deep sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past, including the mighty Kraken. A custom digital overlay with uniquely designed headsets, fully integrated both mechanically and electronically into the coaster train delivers a new one-of-a-kind adventure. The new Kraken experience will tie in directly with the attraction Journey to Atlantis and will debut in the summer of 2017.

Watch: NEW Kraken 2.0 Digital Reality Coaster (Interview), SeaWorld Orlando 




in SeaWorld, Theme Parks

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