The Zombie Invasion is upon us – complete with creepy cool soundtrack from Midnight Syndicate

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image courtesy of Twilight Creations

This month marks Midnight Syndicate’s 20th release!  Zombies!!! Official Board Game CD is fearsome feast for the ears.  Evoking despair, panic and apocalypse in 18 terror filled tracks, Midnight Syndicate’s signature spook-filled sound, combined with ambient auditory atmosphere, Zombies!!! is a fiendish 47 minute horror film for the mind.

image courtesy of Midnight Syndicate
image courtesy of Midnight Syndicate

This monster of a masterpiece is not just another amazing “gothic horror soundtrack”, but also a tie in with Twilight Games for their Zombies!!! board game (we’ll bite into that below).  This isn’t the first imaginative soundtrack tie in for the duo.  In 2003, they released Dungeons and Dragons-Official Roleplaying Soundtrack.  “We wanted to design a soundtrack that would not only heighten the Zombies!!! game play experience, but also appeal to all fans of zombies and our friends in the haunted attraction industry, I think we were able to achieve that.” – Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate.*

“Given the character and core elements of the game, I think that both of us immediately felt that this album should focus on having a more modern, aggressive sound. In order to achieve that, we brought in a lot of electronic and percussive instruments and kept the fundamental game scenarios firmly in mind, approaching it more as an actual soundtrack than as a collection of songs built around a particular theme or setting. While there are a few tracks that are more situation or location-specific, most are intended to evoke the general feel and atmosphere of the game world, allowing you to play along without interruption,” – Midnight Syndicate’s Gavin Goszka*  (* = courtesy of Midnight Syndicate website)

image courtesy of Twilight Creations
image courtesy of Twilight Creations

Inside the Magic had the opportunity to chat about Zombies!!! with Kerry Breitenstein from Twilight Creations Inc.

ITM: Please tell our readers about Twilight Creations.

KB: We started in 2002 after designing the Zombies!!! boardgame for USPC. When they dissolved the division, we took the game with us and started Twilight Creations.

ITM: Is Zombies!!! A new game?  Please tell us more about this undead board game.

KB: Zombies!!! is not a new game. It was originally released in 2001. You get 30 map tiles, 50 event cards, player pawns, heart, bullet, survivor and door tokens, 100 zombies in 4 different poses.

ITM: What dark sinister influences inspired the game’s creation?

KB: We were inspired by Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Dead for the Original This game was out before Zombieland and there were some tributes in Zombieland based on our cards.

ITM: How did this creepy cool collaboration with Midnight Syndicate come about?

KB: We have been fans of Midnight Syndicate for many years. We became friends and it seemed like the perfect mesh. And it has been!

ITM: How will their thematic music add to the Zombies!!! Gameplay experience?

KB: Many of our fans had already been using their sound tracks, but now they can relate to the different tracks based on the game itself. Many of the names of the tracks are based on the cards that are releated to the track itself.

ITM: Where can fans of the undead find these games?

KB: You can find your game through your friendly local game store as well as through our website,

image courtesy of Twilight Creations
image courtesy of Twilight Creations


image courtesy of Midnight Syndicate
image courtesy of Midnight Syndicate

Zombies!!! is dead true to its namesake and well worth digging up on their website or via Amazon (as a download or in CD form)


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    2oth release, but why do they keep putting the SAME songs on their last 5 or 6 albums. Look at a song list and compare to other releases. These have some of the SAME songs from Realm of Shadows, Out of the Darkness, and Halloween Music. Its a ripoff.

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