Shanghai Disney unveil TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge interactive experience

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Shanghai Disneyland has announced a brand new area at the recently opened theme park called TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge that showcases concept vehicles, driving simulators, state-of-the-art design technology and more.

Located near the popular TRON Lightcycle Challenge attraction in Tomorrowland, the new experience is accessible from the TRON Plaza and showcases three state-of-the-art concept cars Qing Yi, Ling Si, and Guang Suo.

As the press release explains, “Qing Yi, the centerpiece of the TRON Realm, is a “Light Runner”-type Chevrolet vehicle with outstanding driving dynamics and technology. Ling Si features exceptional electrification, connectivity, and represents a new class of TRON urban mobility. Guang Suo is another hyper-fast vehicle boasting an innovative sound-energy propulsion system.”

Tron Shanghai

Drawing inspiration from the digital world of TRON, the interior of TRON Realm features sleek, contrasting surfaces, glowing glass rails, and blue digital lighting, inviting guests to explore three exciting interactive zones – Imagine, Create and Drive. These zones each have exciting interactives that allow the guest to be immersed in the future of transportation and highlights Chevrolet vehicle technology that is integral to the TRON Realm experience. In the Imagine zone, guests can virtually suit up in a specially designed Light Suit, driving in the world of TRON. The signature design experience, Advanced Vehicle Design, in the Create zone allows guests to create next generation vehicles. In the Drive zone, guests can drive a Light Runner from the seat of a Chevrolet-inspired Driving Pod through the compelling digital world of TRON.

Tron Realm Shanghai Disney

Tron Shanghai

TRON Realm will officially open on September 20 at Shanghai Disneyland.

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